Your Wholesale Solar Provider
Your Wholesale Solar Provider

Truth in Pricing for you to see 

When you are offered a discount what price is that discount based on?

HONESTY in pricing goes with published prices! 

We are not afraid to publish our prices!

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We Simplify the Solar Purchase and Install Process

We are an Authorized Solar Dealer for all top tier products 


Feel confident that your solar installation is in the hands of one of the nation's largest solar contractors.  Every detail from design to installation is specifically focused to your homes unique solar needs. 

Customer service is  a MAJOR priority for us.  We are so committed to 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION that nothing less will satisfy us.


Contact Solar and Sun for a NO RISK Energy estimate

 If Solar can save you money we will let you know.  If Solar can not save you money we will let you know as well! 

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Residential Solar and Battery Needs

We have multiple options for your residential energy needs.

Commercial/ Business Solar and Battery Needs

Solar will increase your profit margin. Let Us show you the numbers!

More Than Just Energy Savings

As a Solar Energy Owner you will reap huge benefits of lower utility bills forever!

You will also be doing your part in reducing your Carbon Footprint thus ensuring a Good Clean earth for your children and their kids!  

Multiple Energy Saving Solutions

Our Energy Saving Solutions are custom tailored like a fine fitted suit to meet the needs of you and your family.

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Your Installation is Completely handled by our experts.  

We’ve helped many Residential and Business customers reach their energy saving needs. 
Every installation get its own dedicated project manager. You will have their contact  information so your questions can be answered at anytime. 
Your project manager will visit your site on a regular basis to ensure that all of your concerns  have been addressed. Once  you approve the  design we will take care of all  permits right  down to the HOA if you have one.  

It’s our way of keeping  you stress free while  working  towards completion  of your project  and then the  ultimate  satisfaction, REFERRALS!
The highest compliment we could get is your referrals.  That's our seal of Approval.
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We help  Residential and Business customers reach their energy saving needs all across America every day.

For questions, give us a call

We Look Forward to Lowering your Utility Bills and Improving Your Quality of Life


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